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M/S Mount Washington Company Profiles

Jim Morash, Chief of Operations, Captain and Part Owner 
Known as Captain Jim by residents and visitors alike, Jim Morash has been a fixture in the Lakes Region for well over 30 years. A rarity these days, he basically grew up with the Flagship Company. As a young boy growing up and spending his summers on Bear Island, he watched his brother and sister enjoy their summers working on the "MOUNT", thus giving him the idea to follow them some day. Jim started with the Flagship Company in 1979 working as a deckhand during his college years. He joined on full time in 1982 and has risen through the ranks serving as a Deck Officer, Purser, Small Boat Skipper, Pilot, and Marketing Director. He was promoted to Captain and General Manager in 2000 and in 2006 he became part of the ownership and Chief of Operations. In all his years of service, Jim's most proud of his involvement in two of the Mount Washington's historic additions; lengthening the ship 24 feet in 1982 where he worked as a laborer and in 2010 as the Project Manager of replacing the ships two engines. "I've been very fortunate to have worked along side many of the men who brought this ship to the lake back in 1940. All, sadly, have passed on. Hearing all the stories they had to tell taught him much of the Mount's history and allows him to pass it on to the next generation." Jim can add many other stories of the lake that he has learned from his relatives as his family has been summering on Bear Island since the 1890s. The Mount continues to be a family affair for Jim. His wife Carol works as the company's accountant/HR Director and in addition to his brother and sister, 10 of his nephews, one niece and a number of cousins have worked on the boats through the years.

Christopher Secord Director of Sales and Part Owner 
Christopher was born and raised in Wayland Massachusetts. His love for Lake Winnipesaukee began when his family started vacationing in the NH Lakes Region in 1990. He spent his summer days charting the lake for Bizer Maps and his summer nights following in the Mounts wake with his 12' Boston Whaler. Chris graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a bachelor's degree in Business Studies with a concentration in Finance, Economics and Accounting in 2008. In the summer of 2009 he joined the M.S. Mount Washington team and shortly after was promoted to Function Coordinator and eventually found his passion as Director of Sales.

Paul Smith, Senior Captain
As self appointed morale officer to the crew, Captain Smith's unique sense of humor and commitment to service has made him a passenger favorite. Paul has served his country as a former U.S. Army Sergeant from 1970-72 and is a Veteran of the Vietnam War. An employee since 1986, Paul has held many positions including deckhand, Deck Officer, Skipper and Pilot. Promoted to Captain in 1994, Paul is the Senior Captain of the Company. Paul is also a Justice of the Peace which allows him to perform weddings aboard the Mount Washington. Dedicated to the stewardship of this venerable attraction, Paul's quick to point out that caring for a ship like the Mount Washington is a team effort and he certainly does his part as the ship's carpenter during the off season.

Bruce Campbell, Captain
Truly dedicated to the Mount Washington. Bruce holds the distinction of longest serving employee, having recently celebrated his 45th year with the company. Since 1969, Bruce has performed exemplary in many administrative positions as well as operations. His many duties have included, deckhand, mail clerk aboard the U.S. Mail Boat Sophie C., Purser, company IT Director, Skipper, Pilot, Payroll Supervisor, Accountant and Ticket Office Manager. He was promoted to ship's Captain in 2001. Through his many years of Mount Washington experiences, Bruce certainly has great stories of the past and carries a dry wit when sharing them with others. Bruce is an accomplished musician, and plays the guitar, trombone and keyboards. He teaches music privately in his spare time and is a member of FAME (Friends Assisting Music Education) at Interlakes High School. This has also been a family affair for Bruce as his wife Elaine and two sons have worked for the company in years past.

Bob Reed, Captain
Bob joined the Flagship Company in1994 as a summer employee, primarily as the Skipper of the U.S. Mailboat M/V Sophie C. Bob signed on fulltime in 1999 following a 30 year career as a Physics and Chemistry teacher. Like all the other Captains, he worked his way up the ladder serving as deckhand, Deck Officer, Purser, Engineer and Pilot until being promoted to Captain in 2011. In addition, Bob serves as the company's Dive Master and Chief Electrician. He also is a former Marine Patrolman having worked in that capacity for a number of summers during his teaching days. In his off time, Bob referees high school hockey, soccer and lacross games to keep in shape. Although he enjoys Captaining the Mount Washington, Bob will be the first to tell you he prefers Skippering the Sophie C. more. His knowledge of the lake and its folklore is abundant and like many of his fellow crewmen, he has many experiences on the big lake as well. Ask Bob about Camp Idlewild and he will regale in his many years as a camper there.

Bob Duffey, Captain
As a retire Deputy Chief of the Manchester, NH police department, Bob's love of boats and water prevailed in his retirement when he joined us in 2007. With his many years experience as a recreational rag sailor out in the north Atlantic, he was a perfect fit for us. Starting out as a Deck Officer and Small Boat Skipper, his skills were quickly noticed and it wasn't long before Bob was navigating the Mount Washington. In 2014 he was promoted to Captain and is presently our fifth Captain on the roster. Bob has taken over many other duties to include officiating weddings, training of small boat skippers and he is the safety officer for the company.

Rich Orzechowski, Chief Engineer
Recently retired, Rich is very proud of his twenty years of service to his country as a Chief Engineer in the Coast Guard. Rich joined the Mount crew in 2011 and brings his vast marine experience to the job he's coveted for many years. Right away his abilities were tested as he led the team that replaced the engines in the M/V Doris E in the fall of 2011. Rich loves the history of the company and looks forward to putting his mark on her future. Rich also eyes learning how to skipper the vessels and is learning the lake intimately by cruising in his own boat while in his spare time.

Kevin Fisk, Head Chef & Director of Food Operations
As a longtime seasonal resident of Moultonborough Neck and a NH native Kevin had a dream of opening a restaurant in the Lakes Region that brought together regional cuisine styles from around the country. Since graduating from University of Nevada Las Vegas in 1986, Kevin Fisk has been employed as a chef in nearly every corner of the United States. The result of his 36-year adventure was Kevin's Cafe, which opened in Moultonborough in January of 2006. Chef Fisk began his professional career at Stouffer's Restaurants in Princeton, NJ. Then it was on to Marriott Hotels in Washington D.C. From there, Chef Fisk went to work in Arizona where he was regional chef for Landry's Seafood. Florida was next for Chef Fisk as an Executive Chef position at Charley's Crab in Fort Lauderdale. From there he returned to New England as a chef for Legal Seafood in Boston.
We got wind of his reputation from some of his regulars and approached Chef Kevin for the job of a lifetime: Head Chef/Director of Food Operations of Mount Washington Cruises. Chef Kevin is very excited about the new challenge and bringing the food quality to the great level the Mount Washington customers expect. Chef Kevin continues to experiment and impress us with the most amazing spreads. Come on board and enjoy seafood, and American cuisine like you have never had it.

Gail E. Lauziere, Gift Shop Manager
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